Practical Combat Aikido

Many schools focus on the spiritual and mental aspects of Aikido, leaving the student to wonder whether or not the Aikido learned could be usefully applied. Many dojo teach and practice Aikido under ideal situations and circumstances against ideal, or contrived attacks. Now you have the chance to learn the practical application of Aikido to self defense from one who spent more than twenty years implementing and adapting it to the rigors and demands of urban life.

Practical Aikido system primarily designed to cope with any form of assault in the streets. It is modified to fit into the modern world. Practical Combat Aikido is a method of self-defense based on the principles of non-aggressive martial arts. The techniques can provide the practitioner with adequate protection to himself or herself from common attacks. Practical Combat Aikido improves the practitioner?s power of concentration to control emotions and develop self discipline.

Self defense is a necessity today especially for women.? Its a good thing for women to be able to depend or at the most protect themselves against an assault from the bad elements (i.e.,? rapists, snatchers, etc. ).

Although, trained to neutralize the opponents, still we condemned the use of this art offensively, and adhere to Aikido philosophy as always on the defensive side and should always stay that way.? This art has been developed not to destroy life but to protect life.


Yuriy Rogovik , professional martial arts trainer with 32 years of experience in Karate Shotokan, Judo, Sambo, Box and Aikido.
Also worked as a trainer for law enforcement. Created own school of martial arts based on own unique style of practical combat?aikido.

Yuriy Rogovik has been involved in martial arts most of his life, started his martial arts training in karate, judo, sambo and box and continued to train in various Martial Arts such as Karate and Combat Aikido. He is a professional Martial Artist who founded International Martial Arts Institute.? He can connect easily with his student through his innovative approach of teaching by integrating techniques and activities that enable them to have unique unfound meaningful new growth experiences.

  • Group Self Defense program for Kids & Adults
  • Beginners & Advance Classes
  • Self Defense Seminars for any organizations, clubs or companies
  • Specialize in Practical , Combat & Realistic Self Defense Techniques



Location: Cedarbrae Community Centre – 11024 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB



Adults(? 12?to 65):? Monday, Thursday : 20-00 -21-00,??$75 per month.

Kids Group 1: Children ages 5-10, Monday, 7:00pm-8:00pm, $75/per month

Kids Group 2: Children ages 5-10, Thursday, 7:00pm-8:00pm, $75/per month

Kids Group 3: Children under 5 years old, Monday, 6:30pm-7:00pm, $75/per month

Kids Group 4: Children under 5 years old, Thursday, 6:30pm-7:00pm, $75/per month